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Vincent Cherib is an artist photographer who was born in France in 1969 and who lives in Rennes (Brittany). Since january 2007, his artwork has been exhibited both in the United Kingdom and in different places in France. Cherib’s work is influenced by painters like Chagall, Klee and Hundertwasser, as well as more contemporary artists like Banksy and Daniel Johnston.

A series of photographic works entitled “Disaster Recovery” which were shot in abandoned warehouses and closed factories, demonstrate how Cherib is seeking to revive lifeless and dying sites by giving the images a painterly quality. The practically psychedelic use of colour aims to create dreamlike testimonies of a decaying world, keeping the notion of hope at the heart of this project.

This notion reappears in Cherib’s work during 2008, with the release of a series entitled “Hope”, shot in similar dilapidated environments, but displaying a different approach.

In 2009, a new series called “Absra-k-t Pictures” emerged. With these works, Cherib aims to discover beauty in places where it is not expected to be found. Places which may be considered ugly or insignifiant, become transformed in order to express harmony, seeking to create a more elaborated structure and finally, removing the photo from its original context.

Since 2010, Cherib started to explore a new theme called “Under Construction” where he found his subjects on building sites. Here, Cherib has sought to capture imprints, of both something real and of the future. At the same time, Cherib wishes to pay homage to those working in construction through his artistic vision.

His latest series, "Unexpected Resilience", was released in February 2013. Vincent Cherib here focuses on fragments of wired glass from broken windows. Reworking its initial shots, Vincent Cherib changes the focus and thus moves the eye and the imagination. As a new punctuation invites another reading.

Cherib is always exploring new paths, yet remains faithful to the themes in “Disaster Recovery”, “Hope”, “Abstra-k-t Pictures” , “Under Construction” & "Unexpected Resilience".

In addition to his work as an artist, Vincent Cherib is working as a teacher and trainer in community centres for adults from different ethnic backgrounds. He aims to offer an alternative pedagogical approach to cultural projects where images and photography are at the heart.

In July 2007, Cherib was selected as “Artist of the Month” by the Virtual Gallery 804 in Portland, Oregon, where he was described as an "extraordinary colorist".
New York contributor Janie interviewed Vincent Cherib in the summer issue 2008 for Luciole Press.


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